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After 2 days of nothing but rain, wind, tornadoes, tornado warnings and flickering power, the sun is shining.  Yesterday evening our backyard looked like a lake with a couple of small islands and the street in front of the house had water up to the top of the curb.  The area got so much rain in so little time that the drains couldn’t handle it.  The onions in the raised bed were under a couple of inches of water.  Hopefully everything will get to dry out a little before the rain that’s predicted for next weekend.  I know that I’m ready for a few days of sunshine.

I finally got around to pre-ordering the new Harry Potter book that’s due out in July, also ordered this book to take advantage of free shipping.

Knitting Stitches: Over 300 Contemporary and Traditional Stitch Patterns

According to the reviews, it is a reprint of  “The New Knitting Stitch Library” (Lesley Stanfield).  Supposedly the charts are easier to read in the original version, but I couldn’t find a decent used copy for less than $30. 

I managed to read a whole book and it only took 3 days.  Granted, it was just a trashy romance that would normally have taken only 3 or 4 hours.  But, I read the whole thing.  Maybe I can finally finish the George R.R. Martin book I’ve been reading for almost a year.  My concentration is slowly returning as I get weaned off prednisone.

I took sock pictures but I can’t post them, because the camera and computer don’t want to play nice together.

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We had planned on going to the Medieval Fair in Norman today.  The weather isn’t cooperating.  Just keeps raining and raining.  Bill works Sat and Sun so I guess we will have to wait for next years fair.  On the bright side, we have Kerry’s visit on Tues. to look forward to.  She’s bringing Girl Scout cookies.    She also mentioned something about a “goodie” box.

Since the weather is keeping me housebound, I’ll spend the time cutting more strips for the string quilt project.  I can’t believe that Skrappy Spring Retreat is only 3 weeks away.  I am nowhere near being prepared. 

The Tidal Wave socks gain a few rows every evening, so they are progressing slowly.  I’ll charge the camera batteries and take pics soon.

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During one of yesterday’s sunny moments, I ventured out to take pics of the front flower beds.  The views aren’t good because the grass was all wet and I only had socks on.  I know that there are such things as shoes, but that would have made things too easy.

This is from the driveway going up the front walk.  The bed to the left is very large as you can tell if you combine this pic and the next one.  The pansies are really showing their colors, too bad the sun and heat will be shriveling them soon.  The mounds in the center of the bed among all the weed sprouts are mums.  I will be repositioning them.  The large green mound by the front step is dianthus, they are just starting to bloom.  The flower bed on the top right has creeping phlox in lavender, white and pink.  I was planning on getting rid of all the phlox, but it is blooming so pretty.  I may just move it around when I transplant hostas from the other bed and add small bushes.

This is the other half of the large front bed.  For this area I will be moving the 3 hostas on the left and we want to put a fountain on that wall with a decorative trellis on either side.  The solid green plant in the center of the picture is a hydrangea.  I’d like to get a small table and a couple of chairs for the porch.

Anyway, those are the plans for the front of the house.  The backyard will be another post.



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On Monday I posted about the hamsters that the kids had in Germany.  I received the following message yesterday from my dear daughter Kerry.  The “umbi” she so lovingly refers to is her brother.  She’s always joked around that the umbilical cord was never cut.

“How dare you forget…Larry? Was that what I named my hamster? Just caught up on your blog…of course you’d remember umbi’s hamster’s name! LOL”

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Here is the beginning of the Tidal Wave Socks, the pattern is on the SWTC website.  I’m using Tofutsies in color 731 – Ten Foot Tall.  The picture doesn’t show the knit pattern very well.   I enjoy knitting with this yarn, it is smooth and soft, unlike a lot of cotton blend yarns.  Haven’t had a problem with it being splitty, as other knitters have reported.


In Germany we lived on the second floor of a 4 stairwell building.  So for pets my husband got the kids hamsters, no taking them for walks.  I was not overly fond of Sean and ?? (can’t remember the other one’s name), but I have to say, that the video of 13 day old Mocha eating broccoli is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while.  Watch his feet.  Too cute!  I tried to embed the video onto my blog, but Xanga isn’t cooperating.  So here is the link.


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Donna asked for a picture of the whole “tree” (branch).  So here it is, along with my collection of Easter ornaments.  Except for the felt figures, the majority were acquired while we lived in Germany.


The two bunnies that stand out because of being darker colors, instead of pastels, came from Czechoslovakia.


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I am happy to announce, that the Chain Link socks are finished.  It’s taken almost 4 months and I’m sure you were getting tired of hearing about them.  I don’t know how I managed it, but they are identical and I wasn’t really trying.


Now I can work full time on the Tidal Wave socks.  Pictures coming soon.

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