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Winter is definitely here.  Started yesterday with cold temperatures.  Then last night we had freezing rain and sleet which put a nice icy glaze all over everything.  Now it’s snowing.  Glad I don’t have to drive anywhere.  Temperature is supposed to stay around freezing all day.  Expecting lots of snow.

Finished knitting the hat part of the chullo last night.  My gauge was really off.     This is supposed to be an adult medium.  It looks more like a small child size.  Don’t feel like frogging the whole hat, so I’m going to just start another one and go up 2 needle sizes.  That should make it come out the right size.  This is a really fast knit even with the fair isle band.  I combined patterns from here and here to make this hat.  Sorry about the pic.  Didn’t feel like going through all the hassle with camera so I just scanned it.  Also hat hasn’t been blocked yet and I need to make the braided ties for ear flaps.


Yarn: Patons – Classic Wool Merino – worsted weight

Needles: size 5

I guess it is time to go get the chili started.  It’s a quick fix.  I’m using Carroll Shelby’s Texas Chili mix.  But I put it in the crockpot and let it simmer so the flavors develop a little more.  Then set out personal choice add ins – Ranch Style Beans, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and Fritos.  Perfect for a cold snowy day.  If you’re crazy enough to be out and about in this area around supper time, stop by.

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I had an achy head Sunday morning, but I didn’t think much about it.  Since Sat. was my first day stepping down to 20 mg of Prednisone I just figured that had something to do with it.  By afternoon everything was just too, too.  Too bright, too loud, too smelly.  Then I knew it was the beginnings of a migraine.  Haven’t had one in almost 2 years and figure that the change in Prednisone was the cause.  Finally crawled out of the dark, quiet hole yesterday afternoon. 

Have noticed more of a difference since stepping down to 20mg than I did going down to 40mg.  I feel like a furnace all the time.  Have to have the fan blowing on me constantly.  One good thing is that I think I’m losing some of the steroid puffiness.  That may just be wishful thinking.

Bill and I went to Office Depot, bought a filing cabinet and ordered the desk for my sewing room.  Bought bread & milk to get us through the winter storm that is coming, and then dropped my car off to have electrical worked on.  Figured if the weather is going to be bad enough that I won’t be driving anywhere, the car might as well be in the shop being worked on.

Didn’t get started on the doggie sweater.  Thought I had size 6 straight needles, but I don’t.  Didn’t feel like searching boxes for circulars.  So last night I worked on a chullo (ear flap hat) that I am knitting.  My first fair isle project.  Haven’t gotten to the two color pattern part yet.

It’s raining, and getting colder.  We’re supposed to have wintery mix later today and same tomorrow with high temp in the upper 30’s.  So I am designating tomorrow as the first chili day of the season. 



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While Ann and I were out yesterday we went by Carol’s Knitting Studio.  I bought the Cascade 220 superwash yarn and Brittany birch size 6 dpns I need to make a doggie sweater for Miss Josie.  I saw this free pattern on-line and can’t resist giving it a go.  It’s an aran type sweater with a biscuits and bones pattern. 

The only other thing I bought yesterday was a bench knife.  Now I just need to get energetic and motivated to start holiday baking.  Then drag out all the Christmas decorations and sort them into what to decorate with, keep, trash or donate.

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My friend Ann is on call this weekend.  So she will be staying in OKC instead of going home to Lawton.  That means today we will be doing some catching up, shopping therapy and possibly even dining at Misal of India or some other ethnic type restauraunt, my husband won’t go to.  He was raised strictly meat & potatoes.  Hopefully traffic won’t be too bad since this is Bedlam Football weekend.  Football fans should either be at the game between OU & OSU or at home watching it on TV.

Made it to Michael’s yesterday.  Saw Dad (he was doing price changes) and bought picture frames.  But didn’t get the frame I specifically went for.  Went off and left the picture at home, so I couldn’t match it to a frame.  I did get frames for the kids wedding pictures.  And it’s only been a little over 1 & 2 years since the weddings.  Who says I’m slow?


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Avoiding the madness…..

I didn’t get up before the sun this morning to dash off for holiday specials.  My plan for the day is to get oxygen tanks for the weekend and possibly stop by Michael’s to look for a picture frame for this new photo we received yesterday.  Family photo of Steven, Jessica & Josie.

Family Photo

We had a nice Thanksgiving.  Steven’s first go at cooking Thanksgiving dinner was great. 

Best part of the day was just having everyone all together.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

We will be leaving in a couple of hours to spend Thanksgiving with our kids in NE Oklahoma.  I may sleep in the car on the way up.  I’ve been awake off and on since 4:00, that’s when I started the dough for the hot rolls.  The ham is almost done.  Still need to wrap Jessica’s hat and gloves and sign her birthday card.

I will be taking along the second sock of a pair knit with Sockotta in a basic 4×2 ribbed top.  Almost to the heel and then it will be free sailing to the toe.  I will be glad to have these finished.

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Sleep Number Bed

Donna was asking how Bill and I like our new sleep number bed.  There was a comic in Sunday’s paper that describes our numbers perfectly. 



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